Monday, January 28, 2013

Meditation, Realization, and Illumination: from Manly Hall

According to Manly Hall there are three practices that we can engage in to facilitate growth on the spiritual journey:  meditation, realization, and illumination (actually illumination comes of itself or not.)

These are just a few scattered thoughts from his lecture:

"Meditation is a rest from the conflicts of daily living."

"Realization is an attempt to rise above judging things from their appearances."

"Illumination is at-one-ment with universal principle, an experience of participation in the divine nature."

"Nothing we deserve can be kept from us, but nothing we do not YET deserve can be bestowed upon us."

"Man can never forget that which he has actually experienced."

"Illumination is a total state of being capable of bearing the consciousness of truth."

"When we forget ourselves in doing other things that are right, we suddenly discovere that we are happy."

"All three things have a common factor of relaxation, of dedication to 'not my will but thine'."

On Loneliness:
"Frenquently we learn the most from those most different from us."

"All things are the degrees of one thing."

"The moment an individual takes control of hie own destiny, he goes against the current of the collective and things may seem harder."

"The individual who is dedicated to principles has to live them."

"All true development brings with it an experience of wider living."

"The more we can include, the more of God we can bring into our lives."

"Anything that we leave out may in truth be the key to our own survival."

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