Sunday, January 27, 2013

Manly Hall on "The Unseen Forces"

"We are isolated into a very small part of a living universe because of our limited senses."

"The way in which life comes to man is determined by his capacity to accept it."

"Man has never had an optimistic attitude about the unknown."

"That which lay beyond sensory ipressions seemed frightening."

"The unknown world which most constantly concerns the individual is his own inner world."

"Every problem that we fear on the outside exists on the inside."

"The individual grows not by what is easily handed to him but by what he achieves out of the smallness of his own insight."

"Man must grow through the gradual process of affirming the realities and having the courage to live by the principles which he cannot prove but which by his consciousness he knows to be true."

"He must, with the courage of partial insight, meet the challenge of his own spiritual needs."

"If man will just do what is next, all the rest will be forgiven him."

"At all times we should turn to the unknown and bless it and not curse it."

"Man cannot acknowledge the evil in anything without acknowledging it in himself."

"There is no way a person can be hurt unless he has opened himself to being hurt by a disobedience to the laws of benevolence."

"Sometimes our worst enemies are shadows."

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