Thursday, January 24, 2013

An Unlikely Combination

This, of course, is another of my "fashion illustrations."  I used a shot of Nat that I took at the Hotel Manin in Milano several years ago as the base and added color to it.

But the unlikely combination is, I am going to post my watercolor images along with quotes from some Many Hall tapes that I am currently listening to while I sketch and paint.  We'll see how it goes:

Manly Hall Quotes:

"The education of consciousness is the purpose of existence."

"Consciousness is recondite, hidden, and must be earned."

"Man has both a conscious and an unconscious memory."

"He has a sleep memory and a waking memory -- without their ever coming together. Dreams have a subjective continuity."

"Man is a manifestation of some kind of energy everywhere in space."

"Are we conscious beings or merely sensory beings?"

"Man has the power to know and it is within himself."

"We are all in the midst of reality, but we live in unreality."

"All problems have to be solved on the level of consciousness.  There are no problems which can be solved on the level of emotion and sense.  All problems have to be causally solved."

"Consciousness must be an infinite capacity in which all things are possible, but which must arise from a living thing."

"The one who attempts to find the reason for his own being escapes into consciousness."

"Nothing is required but the courage to climb out of the well (the body of senses, emotion, and mind.)"

"The average person thinks only in emergencies and protects himself more and more from such emergencies."

Well -- that's a mouthful.

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