Friday, April 27, 2012

Today's Image:  The Lone Boat

I'm feeling very reflective today -- and thus not very productive, so I wanted to use my blogging time to help me sort things out.

Thus, today's image is indicative of my insides:  alone and still on a turquoise sea with pink foliage and little shelters in the background.

What I'm Working On

Maybe a more accurate description is what is working on me, rather than what I'm working on.  Yes, that feels more like it.

Whatever it is is soft and sweet and caressing,  quiet so I can still hear the water running in the fountain outside.  My insides feel like my garden, with the sunlight filtering through the leaves and the lattice work.
Mesmerizing.  Oh, well, I forgot what I was going to work on, so I'll just let it work on me.

Nothing pressing to do, but enough "goings on" to keep me happily occupied.  I should write another hub or take another skills test on elance, but I won't.  "Not today," as Will used to say when he was little and you asked him if he wanted to do something you wanted him to do.  "Not today,"  he'd say.  And that ended it!

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