Wednesday, April 25, 2012

A New Day


A new day on my blog:  Sandra Busby, Life Coach.  Today I am going to begin to integrate all parts of myself on this blog:  writer, photographer, consultant, life coach, and traveler extraordinaire.

And I think I'll start by sharing one of my images every day.

The image to the right is an original watercolor from an old photograph I found at the flea market in Zurich.  I bought it and put it away with all things foreign until I started dabbling in watercolor.

This image is called "Woman in the Mirror."

And she so represents that part of me that is reflective.  I need lots of down-time.  Like May Sarton, in her JOURNAL OF A SOLITUDE, notes that nothing is completely mine until I have time to reflect on it, write about it, sort it out.

On another note:

I have spent some time this morning getting myself signed up on Elance, taking some of the skills tests, working on my profile, etc.  All of that boring stuff you have to do to get started on something new.  This is the beginning of my venturing off of hubpages into other venues for writing, but I'm just starting, so...we'll see.

Later in the day, a friend is coming over to help me with my computer skills on ACBL Bridge Score, the software I will be using on the Prinsendam as the bridge director.  We sail May 13 from Ft. Lauderdale, cross the Atlantic, stopping in the Azores, Lisbon, Brest, and Cherbourg before disembaring at Tilbury, the new dock on the Thames.  

It is my first time to be "in charge," and I want to get good evaluations, so that I can choose my cruises.

And then:

At 3:30 this afternoon, I will see one of my Life Coach clients.  A very attractive, talented, and hard-working woman who is in transition in her life.  She is diligent in her inner work, and she brings me much pleasure.


Wednesday evening is normally the night my son comes to dinner, but tonight he will be flying in from a consulting job in Tampa, so I expect it will be too late for eating.  (I will probably be in bed by the time he arrives home at 9pm.)

That's my day!  And a lovely day I'm expecting it to be!

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