Friday, October 4, 2013

PARIS REVISITED: No.1: rue Monsieur le Prince

Alas, I couldn't get my blog to work on my iPad while in Paris, so now that I'm home,  I'll just post a few pictures along with a recap of the trip:

This shot was taken on rue Monsieur le Prince, the street I walked up every day two or three times coming from Odeon to the Grand Hotel des Balcons on  rue Casimir Delavigne.

The woman, sitting with her back to the sun outside her boutique, is enjoying the unusually warm weather in Paris in late September.

Last year I posted some shots of her window with handsome leather bags and small pouches for bling blings.

I don't know if she is both the artiste and the shopkeeper as is the case with many of the small boutiques in this area of St. Germain de Pres.

In one such tiny shop, maybe three feet across, I bought some glass earrings from the woman who made them.  She took great interest in helping me find just the right color for my skin and hair, not the light lavender, but the darker plum colored ones.  Tiny little things, but just right for everyday wearing.

In the photo, I am particularly drawn to the shoes, perfectly chosen for a chic look and a working lifestyle.


  1. Bonjour Sandra, and welcome home! :)
    It sounds like you had a wonderful trip, and I hope you will post more photos...(I love to get my Paris fix any way I can!) ;)
    This is a great image...and do you know, the first thing I noticed were her shoes...I thought "how very French"... :)
    - Irina

  2. Dear Irina, Yes it was a wonderful trip in spite of the fact that Paris was very warm. I'm sorting through my images now. More to come. Love, Sandra