Monday, June 3, 2013

"The Moods of Your Mind"

(Excerpts from VASISTHA'S YOGA)

"Do not get tangled with the moods of your mind."

"Your true nature is distinct from the limited wakeful, dreaming, and sleep consciousness; it is eternal, unknowable..."

"Only when gold is forgotten does one see a bracelet.  Bracelet is an illusory appearance of gold."

"The individual conscience perceives what it thinks it perceives."

"After all, what is the truth concerning the things of this world, except how they are experienced in one's own consciousness."

"All things are full of consciousness and when this consciousness comprehends itself there is knowledge."

"When consciousness, clothed in its own energy, limits itself and considers itself a soul, that soul, endowed with this restless energy, is involved in this world appearance."

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  1. This sure puts me in a meditative mood....beautiful thoughts for the day, dear Sandra...thank you!